You never have to skip vacuuming again!

If you’ve ever found yourself running on 25 hours in a day, then you may have skipped the vacuum while cleaning! Sometimes all we have time to do is quick pickups, grab the clothes off the floor, dust the spots showing, and then run off to do whatever other task may need to be taken care of next.

That is why the Roomba is a GREAT way to ensure that your floors are clean even if you don’t have the time to do so! As discussed in the Roomba 630 review, a slight touch of a button brings it to life and Roomba effortlessly sweeps through the room, grabbing pet hair, dust, and debris.

roomba and pets

Roomba offers several different models and each model has a patented 3 stage cleaning system. The vacuum itself rids dirt and dust, the spinning brushes clean along wall edges, and the counter rotating brush serves as a dust pan and broom. Even with the round design, it hugs the wall with great precision and finesse. The wall bumper eases contact with walls and furniture protecting the finishes and paint. Its technology even allows for it to avoid those sticky situations, getting stuck in the wrong places, carpets with fringes or tassels aren’t even a match for its anti-tangle technology.

It’s also great for allergies as well. The dual HEPA air filters and the single AeroVac filters reduce dust, pollen and allergens that may occur in the air as well. Another really great feature is Dirt Detect, which uses a sensor that can detect smaller particles and focus it’s cleaning to one area.


Occasionally you’ll see the Roomba just going back and forth back and forth, that’s the Dirt Detect kicking it, and it will sweep past until it no longer detects the dirt! Don’t think that the Roomba can be easily fooled though; iAdapt technology knows where to find the dirt and isn’t scared to fight it! Within the matter of a single second the Roomba has already processed through dozens of behaviors to ensure that you’re getting ever bit of cleaning coverage it can provide you. It can also detect when the cleaning bin is full and still continue to work until it has completed its task.

Its sophisticated power software delivers 50% longer battery life than earlier models. There is even an option to schedule the Roomba to run when it’s convenient for you! It is definitely an appliance of convenience, with a built in Virtual Wall barrier it will stay in the room that you designate it to be in and will not leave, some models include a Virtual Wall Lighthouse, which will allow the Roomba to ensure the room is fully clean, before it moves on to the next spot. All Roomba models even return back to their “home” base when they have done a complete job!

roomba docked

And Roomba knows that not every house is the same, and that we fill our lives with everything that makes a house a home. Plants, lamps, sofas are never a problem; it can maneuver around the most densely cluttered rooms. Live in a three story house? Not a problem! However a minor setback to the Roomba, it does NOT like stairs and avoids any drop off all together, so go ahead leave it on the second floor, it will happily sweep around and you won’t have to worry.

No matter what your daily life details, there is a model that is right for everyone. From the vacuum itself, to floor washing, hard surface cleaning, even to your pool, Roomba has something for you. Roomba has made an outbreak in the modern science world to bring us the convenience of owning a robot for chores, of course without actually speaking to you … yet!


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