Why people are interested in the Roomba

Lately it seems like more and more people are getting interested in Roomba vacuum cleaners, and with good reason. In fact, it seems like the only people not interested in the Roomba are those people who haven’t yet heard of these unique and amazing cleaning tools.

As soon as someone hears about a Roomba vacuum cleaner they want to know more, almost without exception. This is because Roomba is a very fun, very interesting topic that has universal appeal.

Let’s face it, most people have to vacuum a room at some point in their life and it is typically not their idea of fun. So what can the Roomba do exactly? Well basically the Roomba is a vacuum cleaner that can go around a room and vacuum all by itself. Yes, you read correctly, it goes all around the room, vacuuming everywhere without a person in sight. That is really quite amazing in and of itself and there are really only a couple other vacuums that can claim to do this. Check out my Roomba 560 review to see video footage of it in action.

Roomba on hardwood floor

Watching a Roomba work is a joy to behold, a friend of mine even took a video recording of her Roomba cleaning her home and showed it several admiring coworkers. What’s funny, is if you think about it, is that nobody would watch a video of a human cleaning a room. But everyone seems to be curiously drawn to watching a robot do the same task.

Roomba goes around the room vacuuming and can avoid obstacles and can learn the best path to take. So if you have a chair in one place the Roomba vacuum cleaner will avoid it but then the next time it will know the chair is in place and will avoid it. However, if you move the chair the Roomba will learn the new layout.


Watching one work is fun because the Roomba uses an algorithm to determine the best places to go, which are not always what a human would think. A Roomba is just a flat disc shaped machine which means it can go under couches easily which saves a human needing to bend down.

One drawback of the Roomba is that it has an extremely small dust bin compared to a full sized vacuum cleaner, which makes sense due to the small size of the machine. This is logical but at the same time causes a bit of a chore. Pet hair can quickly fill up the dust bin, so if you have a cat or dog you may need to empty the bin more often. (By the way, be sure to read my Roomba 650 review if you have pets, as it is one of the best at picking up pet hair.) But if you don’t like vacuuming, I’m sure will much prefer emptying the bin once a day to having to run a big vacuum cleaner all over the house to get your floors cleaned. All you have to do is set up the Roomba and away it goes.


So overall there is nothing to miss out on by getting a Roomba. Instead of vacuuming, let a little robotic vacuum do it and instead you can spend your time reading a book, watching television, jumping on a trampoline or possibly some more esoteric activity such as playing a game of badminton with your friends and relatives. And while your vacuum is working away you will be enjoying yourself.

You may even get a thrill out of watching this little machine work and seeing the way it gets around obstacles and gets your carpet nice and clean. Roomba vacuum cleaners are a lot of fun and can save you all sorts of time and effort.

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