Roomba 780 Review

Vacuuming floors has always been the household job that I’ve disliked the most. Old fashioned vacuum cleaners tend to be heavy and awkward to manipulate across the floor. The power cords never seem to be quite long enough and if you have stairs in your home, vacuums are unwieldy and heavy to move into your upstairs rooms.

What’s more, emptying the canister-style vacuum cleaners tends to produce a lot of dust, almost defeating the purpose of cleaning your home in the first place. What a pain! And for all the hard work that’s required, traditional vacuum cleaners never seem to do a thorough enough job. Thank goodness iRobot invented the Roomba 780 robot vacuum!

Today you can simply program your Roomba 780 to vacuum your floor and with no further effort on your part, you will have clean floors and healthy air in your home in no time. How people managed without these miraculous robotic vacuum cleaners, I have no idea.


The iRobot Roomba 780 is the ideal appliance for most homes. In addition, it features special filters that keep allergens at bay. Vacuuming the floor and sneezing used to go hand in hand until these little marvels were developed and made available on the market. And it doesn’t matter whether your floors are hard, such as tiled or laminated, or you have cozy carpets. The Roomba will happily switch from one surface to another without showing any loss in its cleaning power.

roomba 780 at home

Another huge advantage of these robotic floor cleaners is that they easily get under furniture such as sofas or beds. I rarely used to vacuum thoroughly enough and clean under furniture in the way a Roomba does. If you don’t like the idea of this little robot running wild throughout your home, that’s no problem because you can specify exactly where you want it to clean. This is done by using the two little gadgets called Virtual Walls that come along with the cleaner. By emitting an invisible signal, these safeguards ‘tell’ the Roomba that it mustn’t cross that area. In other words, when your Roomba detects that signal, it simply backs up and gets back to the task you’ve specified.


roomba 780 cleaningIt has other intelligent features too. The machine can detect which area of your floor needs extra cleaning and so pays special attention to the dirtier spots. If you have one of the earlier Roomba models, you’ll be surprised at how much the technology has been improved. For example, the iRobot Roomba 780 has a very sophisticated system to manage its power resulting in a battery life that is 50% longer than was the case with earlier models.

Another great advantage is that today’s generation of robotic vacuum cleaners can be programmed in advance. You can set your appliance to clean your home for the next seven days. Simply program the Roomba at the start of the week and your little robot will clean the floors of your home for you every day when you’re out at work. Coming home to a house that has clean floors, especially when you’ve expended no effort, is an amazing luxury. Click here to find out for yourself.

Programming The Roomba 780

Your Roomba even lets you know when its bin needs to be emptied and it employs a three-stage cleaning system to guarantee that it will remove 98% of the dirt and dust from your carpet or hard floors.

Roomba 3 Stage Cleaning System

Users regularly report on the 780’s superior cleaning abilities over other models and the fact that this is an effortless way to clean your floors. This particular model has been especially developed with pet hair removal in mind. The fur shed by your pet can cause allergic reactions and by using this model, you can be sure that all your family and your guests will be comfortable in your home with no health risks that can be posed by allergens in the air.

removing dust bin from Roomba 780

With today’s robotic vacuum cleaners, there’s no reason to have floors that are less than beautifully clean and there‚Äôs certainly no reason to take up your valuable time and energy to maintain your home. The iRobot Roomba 780 will perform this task for you at the touch of a button – just program it for a week and forget about it. You’ll be met with clean floors and healthy air every time you return from work. I hope you enjoyed my Roomba 780 review, for more information click the button below and check it out for yourself.


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