Roomba 770 Review

In today’s society we are pressed for time more than ever, and with the available time we do have no one wants to spend it vacuuming.  Wouldn’t you love for your house to be vacuumed while you are at work or out shopping? If you said yes, then the iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum was made for you.

With it’s excellent suction and ability to remove almost 98% of allergens, such as dust, dirt and pet hair without human assistance, this little robotic vacuum has a lot to offer. At 8.5 pounds and under 4 inches in height, with a strong suction followed by a great sense of direction, rest assured that the Roomba 770 can handle room-to-room navigation easily on it’s own. One of the features I like best is that it can even differentiate wires and cords from dirt and debris, which prevents your cords from becoming entangled inside your vacuum.


The Roomba 770 vacuum uses iRobot’s patented “3-Stage process” to clean floors. This system includes and enables the use of a spinning side brush, counter-rotating brushes, and AeroVac™ Series 2 vacuum. Roomba even has the smarts to keep itself from falling off any ledges that may be in your home, plus it will follow along walls to make sure all the areas along your baseboards and corners get vacuumed.


Have allergies?  No problem. Allergens are helped reduced to a minimum within the Roomba 770 thanks to it’s dual HEPA filters. It has never been easier to help control dust and allergens within the home. The Roomba literally searches out pet hair, dust, and debris with infrared sensor technology. When it detects an area that needs a little more cleaning up than other areas, the 770 will focus on that area with “Persistent Path” technology. This means that Roomba will clean that particular area until the mess has been eliminated. These advanced features guarantee each room will be cleaned above and beyond what you would expect from a robotic vacuum.


It has never been easier to put your faith into the cleaning abilities of a robotic vacuum. The iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum makes up to 60 decisions per second as it sweeps from room to room. This provides each room with a customized cleaning based on the current needs and obstacles of the particular room. You can rest assured that the “iAdapt Cleaning Technology” really is adaptive to each room. The Roomba has the ability to detect furniture and walls. Do you have multiple flooring surfaces throughout your home? No worries! The Roomba self recognizes and adapts to the different surfaces all on it’s own.


Schedule the Roomba to clean when you’re not home. It can save seven different cleaning routines per week, then execute them even when you are not there. There is even a Virtual Walls option for you to set for Roomba! This is to keep it right where you want it to clean and out of the areas you don’t want it to go. You have complete control over the Roomba, including when it cleans and where it cleans. This is all from an easy-to-use touch screen or through an infrared Remote Control. The Roomba will even alert you when it is time to empty the generously sized dust bin, plus if there are any other problems it may encounter.


While the Roomba 770 may not be the quietest vacuum to ever exist, it’s close to it! The iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum makes almost no noise, other than the moderate hum of the robot as it works hard to clean the surfaces of your floors. But more than likely, you will be at work or away from home while your robotic vacuum stays behind vacuuming for you, so you’ll never notice it. You’ll simply arrive home to your spotlessly clean floors.


The battery life of the 770 and it’s charging capabilities are exceptionable. When Roomba’s battery gets low after about an hour of use, it sends itself to it’s docking and charging station to regain power. Life expectancy for the 770’s batteries are approximately 2 years. All of these features make it possible for you to allow your new iRobot to perform it’s excellent cleaning functions without your supervision.


The iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum can be purchased for $499.99 which includes free shipping! With your investment you’ll be able to keep your floors continuously clean without having to do it yourself. Roomba pays for itself with the time it saves you. The 770 also comes with a limited warranty to protect the integrity of your purchase. The battery has a 6 month limited warranty, while Roomba 770 vacuum comes with a 12 month limited warranty which covers the entire robot; this is a separate warranty and coverage from the 770’s battery warranty.


To find out more information about the Roomba 770 vacuum cleaner, or to make a purchase, please click the link below.


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