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At one time, the idea of having a robot in your home to help you with those boring cleaning jobs was something that would only be seen in science fiction movies. And yet many of the gadgets and appliances that we saw in futuristic TV shows have actually been developed. It’s true that we aren’t all driving around in flying cars as yet, but robotic floor cleaners like the Roomba 630 in this review is almost as exciting because it means that there’s one less household chore that we have to do. Our great-grandmothers would have been astonished.

Today, robotic vacuums like the iRobot Roomba 630 have replaced the old-fashioned vacuum cleaners found in most homes. Gone are the days of lugging a heavy upright vacuum all over your house. The Roomba is light-weight, compact, and does a wonderful job of vacuuming your floors. You can start using this magic little machine to clean your home almost as soon as you take it out of the box – simply charge it up and off it goes, cleaning your home while you do more interesting things than pushing a vacuum back and forth over all your floors.

Roomba 630 Cleaning Under Bed


The charging dock on the Roomba 630 is interesting because the Roomba is programmed to return to it when its power level begins getting low. This means you can be out having fun instead of watching over your Roomba and the little machine will clean your floor then take itself to the home base and get itself fully charged for its next mission. And yes, you can press the “Clean” button on your Roomba before you leave for work or before you leave to go out and enjoy your day and it will clean while you’re gone. You’ll come home to a wonderfully clean house – it’s like having your own maid that doesn’t need wages. However, the scheduler function that lets you program the Roomba to clean at certain times of day and / or days of the week is only available on the 650 and 700 models.

Everything Included with Roomba 630

The first time you use your machine though, it’s a good idea not to leave it up to its own devices. You might find that there are some objects in your home that need ‘Roomba-proofing’. It can pick up light power cords that you have on the floor so you may want to tidy those up before your first use. I have a large vase on my floor which I worried about the first time the Roomba approached it, but the little machine avoided knocking it over thanks to it’s ability to sense and slow down before colliding with objects around the home. But do try it out when you’re at home first, just to double check. Just take the same precautions that you would with an ordinary upright vacuum cleaner, such as taking care with rugs that have tassels, and the Roomba will be perfectly fine. In fact, the Roomba 630’s cleaning abilities far exceed my old-fashioned cleaner because it is small and low. It could get underneath furniture and into places that any other type of cleaner would never be able to reach. This results in a cleaner and healthier home for your family.



An interesting add-on that comes along with your Roomba is something that’s known as the ‘virtual wall’. This virtual wall is exactly what the name suggests. I’m not sure exactly how they work – but it’s ingenious – they emit an RF signal that your Roomba won’t pass through. When I’m using mine upstairs, for example, I place a virtual wall across the top of the stairs. That way, the Roomba is safe and as soon as it meets the virtual wall, it will turn right round and get on with the job of cleaning the bedroom and bathroom floors. Some people like to use this function to ensure that the machine cleans the floors of just one room at a time – another good tip because it makes sure that the job is done thoroughly.

Roomba Virtual Wall

Additionally, there is a remote control that can be purchased separately, allowing you to use your Roomba vacuum like an RC car, as shown in the video below.

I was concerned at first about the power of this tiny machine. My wife has long hair and one of the main problems in my house is that stray hairs that get caught in the brushes of an old-fashioned upright vacuum cleaner. But the sturdy little Roomba 630 has no problem with these and is actually more effective than many old-style vacuums I have used. I imagine that if you have pets, you’ll find the same result; the Roomba will deal well with pet hairs.

Many modern gadgets are all very well until it comes the time to clean or empty them. Do you remember what a dreadful job it was to empty the bags of old-fashioned vacuums? Well, the Roomba isn’t at all like that and is easy to empty and to clean. To empty it, I just gently pull on the bin and it comes straight out. Then all I need to is empty the dirt and debris into the trash. This is much easier and cleaner. Having a robot to help you with one of the most boring household tasks is no longer a dream. The Roomba 630 comes at a good value for the money and will give you clean floors in no time at all.


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  • Dee February 4, 2016 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    The Roomba 630 is my second Roomba. My first one in 2000 lasted over eight years and two houses. Roomba 630 is a basic cleaner just like the first one. As an older and slower person, my Roomba 630 is great. He finds his way to dock and has a quieter sound than the first one. I have a Mint and a Roomba. I would not want to do without them. This gives independence to people who are disabled or slower or older. Push the button and my Roomba cleans the house. Maintenance is easier with this one. The yellow coding system is great, also.

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