Roomba 530 Review

The Roomba 530 is very similar in many ways to the Roomba 560, the two main differences are the price (the Roomba 530 can usually be found $50 cheaper) and the fact that the 530 model lacks the virtual wall lighthouse feature (a 2.4Ghz RF device that communicates with the Roomba, telling it which rooms have already been cleaned).

Like the 560, the Roomba 530 is one of the mid-generation Roomba’s with many features that were missing when these appliances first appeared on the market, yet not as many features as the 600 or 700 series Roomba’s. But even without the extra features, the Roomba 530 model in our review will still do an excellent cleaning job the floors in your home.

Roomba 530

Users love the way that it ‘self-docks’ – in other words returns to its home base to be recharged when the battery is becoming low on power. This model has specially cleaning heads that easily transition from your carpeted floors to the harder floors in your home. There’s no need to have different appliances for different surfaces these days, the Roomba has no difficulty dealing with them all.


It also features a special anti-tangle system which wasn’t the case with older models. If it starts to pick up something like the tassels of a rug, or a power cord, the machine can sense this and it automatically reverses its brushes to ‘spit out’ the offending object.

Another improvement in this model is the provision of ‘cliff sensors’. If the Roomba becomes aware of a change in the level of your floors, for example, if it is upstairs and gets perilously near to the staircase, it senses the ‘cliff’ and reverses away from the potential damage this could cause.


After some years of using a robotic vacuum cleaner, I just can’t imagine going back to the old-fashioned type that has to be man-handled throughout the home. Today’s models have advanced a great deal and offer even more sophisticated features that makes the old traditional vacuum an appliance that will soon be seen only in museums.

Roomba 530

If you’ve never tried one before, or if your only experience is one of the early models, I do urge you to take a look at one of the newer machines that are available today. It’s not often that a mere home appliance can shave hours off the time we spend cleaning our homes every week, but if you haven’t tried a Roomba before, you’ll truly be amazed at how much time and energy can be saved.


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