Goodbye manual labor!

Are you tired of pushing around a heavy vacuum cleaner? If the answer is yes (and I’m sure it is) then maybe you should check out the Roomba line of vacuum cleaners. Theses vacuums are really cool there little robots that propel themselves and pick up dust without any manual labor required from you.

There are three current generations of Roomba’s: the 500 series, the 600 series, and the latest, the 700 series. See the full line of of models here. The difference between the earlier generations and the newest are basically updated technologies and accessories.

roomba-780-in-boxThe batteries on the 700 series Roomba’s like this Roomba 780 are really powerful. They clean up to two hundred minutes without having to recharge. The great thing is, Roomba goes back to its home base automatically to recharge for your next use. Most of the top line models even have remote controls so you can operate most of its basic functions.



If you have those no fly zones you can even program them to not go to certain spots this function is called the virtual wall. It even detects drops to keep it from falling down steps. Its truly a modern marvel. So if you need a new vacuum look no further than the Roomba. The price of most Roomba vacuums is comparable to quality upright vacuums such as the Dyson or Kirby. To find out exact prices, you can simply click here.

Roomba 780 view

Roomba’s have several different accessories: the home base, easy clean brush,  remote control, wireless command center, virtual wall, virtual lighthouse function, virtual wall halo and several more are available. The virtual lighthouse function even keeps the Roomba in one room. The virtual halo function is designed to keep the vacuum away from dog food bowls, water bowls, and other small items that could get in the way of having a fantastic looking floor.

Roomba 780 all accessories


The Roomba even spot cleans. This vacuum has many different settings and functions that make vacuuming a breeze. The Roombas are thirteen inches in diameter and three and a half inches high. Most units have a carrying handle fitted on the top for easy carrying. The two brushes on the bottom of the vacuum actually rotate in opposite directions to get a better clean. If you think about it, if you have a broom in your hand and you sweep one way you can only get up so much dirt. However if you take the broom back the other direction you can push up way more dirt. Think about how great that would get up the dirt. Then add a vacuum function and wow you’ve got a cleaning machine, no pun intended. And if that’s not good enough, add a little brush on the side that gets the walls and corners. Roomba has all that and more, see for yourself.

Roomba 780 Vacuuming

The time it takes to clean a room depends on the room size. Unfortunately I can’t tell you it would be x amount of time for every room, but what I can tell you is that the work load will be a breeze. The first and second generation Roomba’s would get stuck on electrical cords and rug tassels, but that’s no longer a problem with the 500, 600, and 700 series of vacuums. So, if you’re ready to buy your next vacuum cleaner, remember one thing: you don’t have to break your back doing manual labor, nor break the bank; buy a Roomba.


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